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The primary pigments are selected for the following properties:

Light fastness

Outdoor durability

UV resistance

Heat resistance

Chemical resistance

Toxicity electrical properties


The following levels based on the weight of the Resin are recommended:

Gel coat :10%

Rooflite sheets :1 to 3%



Filled castings :5%

SMC/DMC :10%

The patterns in this card show approximate colors only. Changes may occur due to age or exposure and no guarantee can be given that color supplied will exactly match the patterns shown.

The pigments show in this card are intended for coloring FRP bath tubs, washbasins and other sanitary wares.

The pigment have been selected for their light fastners and resistance to soaps, detergents and chemicals. However no guarantee is implied since the conditions of use are beyond our limit

The fastness of the pigments can be improved by using chemical resistance gel coat, resins with low water absorption characteristics complete curing must be ensured before a moulding is put into service


RAINBOW PIGMENTS have excellent stability of about 6 months if stored at 25 °c.


Special shades can be matched if the requirements are large.